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Warm Winter Means Plenty of Adorable Fat Squirrels

January 8,2016 at 10:51 am

While most of us are trying out healthier eating habits as New Year`s resolutions, one common critter is showing no signs of slowing.

It`s been a really great winter for squirrels so far. They`ve had plenty to eat and warmer temperatures than usual – the perfect recipe for a rotund rodent. These fat squirrels in the United Kingdom and the United States alike have taken the Internet by storm, as Twitter and Instagram users post chuckle-worthy photos. 

Wildlife expert Iolo Williams told Wales Online that while squirrels usually do put on weight for the winter, this year they`re extra bulky because of there has been plenty of food available to them during the mild winter.

In the US, many cities experienced their warmest Decembers on record, experiencing unusually late first snows. In New York`s Central Park, it never even dipped below freezing. Meanwhile, in the UK, December was a whopping 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average. 

"Squirrels are opportunists and much like humans will take advantage of any food that is available," Nick Mason of the Red Squirrels Northern England and Northumberland Wildlife Trust, told the Daily Mail. "It is fairly typical for squirrels to put on weight through the year and this can vary depending on the stage of their breeding cycle and their life cycle." 

There are more than 200 species of squirrel around the world, and the only country that doesn`t have them is Australia, according to National Geographic. Squirrels are able to constantly munch on nuts, fruit, bark, eggs and more because their teeth never stop growing.