Weather in Pictures

This is what happens to hot tea at -36C

January 26,2016 at 02:36 am

When temperatures are below freezing, life can be quite miserable - but it can also be quite beautiful. Canadian photographer Michael Davies captured this image at the Pangnirtung Airport in Nanavut, Canada, when it was -35C outside.

It may look like an evening shot, but Davies, who lives in the High Arctic of Canada, took this photo in the middle of the afternoon.

"Between sunrise and sunset we have only two-and-a-half hours of light," Davies told The Weather Channel. "Around 1 p.m. I jumped on my skidoo along with my friend, Markus, and we drove 45 minutes up to the top of a nearby mountain where the light (which is almost aways pink near the solstice) would hit the hills."

Davies said he prepared multiple thermoses filled with tea in advance and they practiced throwing the tea before capturing this perfect photo. He said everything was planned just so. "I followed the temperature, I watched for calm wind, planned the shot and set it up," he said.

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